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March 27, 2015 1 day 6 hours ago

CRTC releases rules around phone calls during federal elections

OTTAWA-GATINEAU - With a federal election looming, the CRTC laid out the ground rules for entities who call voters, or that engage others to do so. As part of recent amendments to the Canada Elections Act and the Telecommunications Act, the Commission is responsible for establishing and maintaining a Voter Contact Registry during federal elections. Persons, corporations, or groups that engage in voter contact calls in relation to an election will be required to file registration notices and identifying information with the Commission for inclusion in the Voter Contact Registry. Read More »
Canadian Telecom Summit 2015


The Podcast: CBC CEO Hubert Lacroix

The board meetings which may change the CBC forever are approaching rapidly. So what is the CBC's chief executive thinking right now? View Podcast »

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