Cartt.ca publishes breaking news, in-depth feature stories, analysis, and opinion geared specifically for those working in the cable, radio, television, and telecom industries in Canada.

Breaking news and top-notch analysis and commentary is posted as it happens while twice-weekly newsletters compile those stories and deliver them directly to more than 4,000 industry subscribers. Cartt.ca offers credible journalism for the industry professional.

Cartt.ca was founded on May 2, 2005 by thirty-year journalist, Greg O’Brien, who served as publisher and editor for seventeen years. Greg successfully established Cartt.ca as a news leader, serving readers across once separate industries that are now intertwined. Greg continues to serve as editor emeritus and as an advisor.

On July 1, 2022, Cartt.ca was acquired by Shawn Smith, publisher of Canada’s Broadcast Dialogue and president and founder of Vancouver-based Momentum Media Marketing, Inc.

Cartt.ca provides fact, analysis, and opinion of the day’s issues and events – with crucial history and context specific to the cable, radio, television and telecom industries. Cartt.ca seeks and breaks news from the Canadian telecom and electronic media industry, and from around the world, and does not merely repeat the spin.

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