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TekSavvy picks Ciena for facilities build

CHATHAM, Ont. – TekSavvy Solutions is continuing to invest in network facilities announcing today an agreement with vendor Ciena to deploy its optical solutions as the ISP completes its long-haul transport network between Toronto and Windsor.

The independent ISP, which mostly serves customers as a third party internet access provider, is adding its own electronics to a 600 km fibre ring which includes 18 new and established points of presence in major markets throughout southwestern Ontario, says today’s press release. (Correction: TekSavvy clarified with us this morning it is not constructing its own fibre, but instead leasing dark fibre and putting Ciena equipment in place to complete its dedicated ring. An earlier version of this story said the company was building the fibre.)

This follows previous investment announcements in its own facilities such as its fibre build in Chatham, as well as some rural builds, and its rural wireless service in southwestern Ontario. “This agreement will support TekSavvy’s ongoing investments in its LTE and FTTH facilities, as well as its deployment of disaggregated wholesale services across the region,” reads the release.

“The announcement forms part of TekSavvy’s ambitious five-year investment plan aimed at improving access to, and competitive choice for, high-speed broadband services. With earmarked capital investment totaling over $250 million, including over $100 million for network infrastructure, TekSavvy intends to connect over 60,000 residences and businesses and to bring competitive choice for fibre internet service to communities in the region.

“TekSavvy will deploy Ciena’s optical solutions during the first six months of 2021,” reads the announcement. The cost of the 600 km ring was not disclosed.

“It is crucial that TekSavvy invests in our long-haul routes back to major centers like Toronto and Windsor, as we build out facilities in southwestern Ontario and transition to a disaggregated wholesale service,” said Charlie Burns, TekSavvy’s chief technology officer.

TekSavvy is deploying Ciena’s coherent optical flexible grid solution. “The solution uses the 6500 Packet-Optical Platform powered by WaveLogic coherent optics that can scale to 400G and beyond. This will enable TekSavvy’s network to scale for high bandwidth applications using minimal hardware, driving improved network economics,” added the release.