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SUPER BOWL SIMSUB BATTLE: NFL urges U.S. government to “exercise its NAFTA right to retaliate” against Canada

ACA, ACTRA join appeal of CRTC’s ruleWASHINGTON – The National Football League is urging the U.S. government to “retaliate” against Canada for the CRTC directive setting aside simultaneous substitution during the broadcast of the Super Bowl in Canada.In comments provided to U.S. Department of Commerce over causes of significant trade deficits for 2016, the NFL accuses Canada of violating copyright protections owed to the United States under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).“Canada's discrimination against the NFL clearly violates NAFTA's intellectual property Protections”, reads the May 10 letter, addressed to Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee Secretariat director Patrick Kirwan.  “In particular, it...

Our industry and COVID-19

We've gathered a number of links where Canadian cable, radio, television, telecom and wireless companies have posted their responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.