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Push-back against the CRTC decision on use of the “N-word”

60 persons, including leading Radio-Canada talent, ask the public broadcaster to disavow decision By Denis Carmel OTTAWA – Last week, between St-Jean-Baptiste and Canada Day, the CRTC issued a decision blaming the CBC/Radio-Canada for saying on the air the N-word, which is part of the title of an iconic book in Québec, written by Pierre Vallières, a prominent member of the FLQ, a separatist/terrorist group of the sixties. A letter signed by 60 people including leading on-air talent and journalists of Radio-Canada was sent on Sunday to the higher echelons of the CBC/Radio-Canada and published in La Presse on Monday....

Our industry and COVID-19

We've gathered a number of links where Canadian cable, radio, television, telecom and wireless companies have posted their responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.