The Podcast: Part II with CRTC chair Ian Scott

By Bill Roberts

WITH THE MYRIAD ISSUES facing the CRTC and regulators around the world, chair of the CRTC is a hot seat. Always has been. Always will be.

Canadians care deeply about the subjects which the Commission handles on a daily basis, be it wireless phone pricing, email spam and phone scams, Canadian content, or any of the various challenges which fall under the purview of the Regulator. It all impacts our daily lives in the way we communicate, are informed and entertained.

Over the course of part two of our interview with CRTC chair Ian Scott (click here for part 1), which was done at the Commission headquarters on November 13th, Scott (pictured) lays out more of what lies ahead in broadcasting and telecom in Canada and around the world.

Should broadband providers, which deliver so much video, help pay for Cancon? How might AI help? Why is having two different federal government policy directives not actually a problem? What is the role of public broadcasting? How can a Regulator stay meaningful in this world? These are just some of the questions our Bill Roberts posed.

We also get to find out why Scott wanted this job in the first place – and we wonder what his former employers might think of his assertion that this gig is “infinitely more interesting” than what he used to do.

Please click above to listen to part two of our chat with Ian Scott.