The Podcast: CBC CEO Hubert Lacroix

IN THIS CONVERSATION WITH our crack interviewer, former Vision TV CEO Bill Roberts, Hubert T. Lacroix quickly answered one of the questions we recently posed to him in print: Whether he believes it is his good fortune – or misfortune – to be leading the CBC at this particular moment in history.

His answer? “It’s the most important and the greatest job in culture in this country,” he said. “I feel very fortunate to have the job that I have.”

Good thing, because Lacroix will be facing his board of directors the week of June 16th to present them a new plan for a smaller, more agile, CBC. While he couldn’t divulge his exact strategy to Bill, what’s at stake is clearly personal to him. Referencing his childhood and life as a Canadian, Lacroix says “CBC/Radio-Canada is the place where my values were shaped… There’s no more fierce defender of public broadcasting that Hubert Lacroix.”

The CEO noted that it’s not only CBC that is feeling the heat and trying to deal with massive media disruption, but all broadcasters – each of whom are trying to figure out this shift from mass media to more personalized connections. It’s unprecedented – and those one-to-one connections, added Lacroix, is something which is “driving the strategy we are putting together.”

If you’re looking for some additional insight into what Lacroix is thinking about the future of radio and television and the CBC– and his thoughts on some of his critics, this 50-minute podcast, recorded Monday May 26th at the CBC Montreal offices, is a great listen.

Greg O’Brien, editor and publisher,