OUTtv to premier doc on aging in Ottawa’s LGBTQ community

OTTAWA – OUTtv will premiere this month Forget Me Not, a documentary directed by Christopher Guly that looks at aging through the eyes of members of Ottawa’s LGBTQ community.

The documentary “provides a cross-generational view within Ottawa’s LGBTQ community on aging, an issue that we all must confront, and how those, who laid the foundation for the rights now enjoyed are remembered – and valued,” reads a synopsis. “Forget Me Not is a story about what brings all of us together, regardless of our age. We all want to be connected to each other – a desire further amplified during a global pandemic. We all want to be loved. We want to be recognized and respected. We want to be heard and be seen. No one wants to be forgotten.”

Forget Me Not will be available to stream August 19 on OUTtvGo and on the OUTtv Apple and Amazon Prime Channels, and it will be broadcast on August 20 at 9 p.m. on OUTtv.

A trailer for the documentary can be found here and a behind the scenes look at the documentary can be found here.