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FRIENDS is currently seeking candidates to join its Board of Directors. We are looking for individuals who have the capacity, experience and qualifications to assume future leadership roles on the Board. If you are team-minded and committed to creating a culture and governance style that is collaborative, strategic, and supportive, please keep reading…


FRIENDS is a non-partisan citizens’ movement that stands up for Canadian voices in Canadian media – from public broadcasting to news, entertainment, culture, and online civil discourse – FRIENDS works to protect and defend Canada’s rich cultural sovereignty and the healthy democracy it sustains. We are a not-for-profit organization that receives no government funding or donations from political parties or CRTC regulated entities.

At FRIENDS, we envision a culturally sovereign Canada protected and enhanced by a media ecosystem that nurtures and promotes Canadian values and diverse storytelling. Through advocacy, research and engagement activities, FRIENDS helps to amplify support for public broadcasting and the protection and promotion of Canadian voices in news, culture and entertainment. Our goal is to help influence the environment in which cultural media policy is developed and implemented in order to protect Canadian storytelling for generations to come.

About the Position:

At present, we are seeking candidates with one or more of the following:

  • Professional finance, audit and risk management experience – ideally you are a CPA and are interested in becoming the Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee in 2024
  • Strong board governance experience, with an ICD.D designation being an asset – ideally you are interested in becoming the Chair of the Governance and Nominations committee in 2024
  • Professional or volunteer background in the world of big tech with a firm understanding of its impact on Canadian media and culture
  • Government relations and advocacy experience
  • A current or former journalist or someone with broadcast media expertise
  • A current or former professional fundraiser who knows how to navigate the challenges and opportunities of raising money outside of large corporate donations
  • An arts and culture maven with an appreciation for the importance of Canadian voices at the community and grassroots level<

Joining the FRIENDS’ board means you enjoy the challenge of moving an organization forward in a way that supports both its mandate and the staff responsible for its success. It also means you’re prepared to make a personal commitment to our vision and mission and you have the capacity to serve as a FRIENDS’ champion and ambassador.

From a time commitment perspective, you are willing to:

  • Be elected for an initial three-year term, which can be renewed for up to two additional three-year terms
  • Participate in Board committee work by serving on at least one committee (committees meet virtually no less than two times per year)
  • Attend quarterly board meetings (including one in-person meeting which will take place in a rotating Canadian city)

About the Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors is a governance board representing a diversity of skills and backgrounds. Directors are nominated and elected to the Board on the basis of their experience, interest, personal integrity, and commitment to respect and further the vision and mission of FRIENDS. At present, the Board functions through the following committees: Executive, Advocacy and Policy, Audit and Finance, Governance and Nominations.

Additional Information:

This is a volunteer Board position. All board members are reimbursed for their business-related expenses including travel and meals for any in-person meetings. Directors and Officers insurance is provided for all board members.

If you wish additional information, you may contact FRIENDS at, or visit our website at

How to Apply:

To apply for this volunteer position, please send your resume and a brief cover letter by November 30, 2023 to

Only those selected to move forward in the process will be contacted.