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HIFI specialty channel violated broadcasting code: CBSC

Adult content broadcast too early in the day OTTAWA — A number of broadcasts in November 2016 on specialty channel HIFI violated the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ Code of Ethics and Violence Code by airing adult content before 9:00 p.m. and not providing adequate viewer advisories, the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council (CBSC) announced Wednesday.Several broadcasts of HIFI programming, including the 10,000 BC reality show, the Trailer Park Boys comedy series and The Mechanic action movie, contained adult language, violence and sexual content that should not have been broadcast before 9:00 p.m., the CBSC concluded in its decision.In addition, the CBSC also...

Our industry and COVID-19

We've gathered a number of links where Canadian cable, radio, television, telecom and wireless companies have posted their responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.