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CRTC TV POLICY REVIEW: Our first #talktv flash conference video, with Mohawk College journalism students

I’VE BEEN COVERING this business since 1997 but not until now do I have my first ever actual submission, well co-submission, to the CRTC. It’s not a traditional one but I do hope readers – and anyone else for that matter – find it interesting.When we first heard of the Commission’s idea for flash conferences as a way to inform its overhaul of the policies governing television in Canada, I immediately wondered what I could do in’s hometown of Hamilton, Ont. It’s a neat idea and kudos to whomever came up with it at the Regulator.Since I’m on...

Our industry and COVID-19

We've gathered a number of links where Canadian cable, radio, television, telecom and wireless companies have posted their responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.