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“A marketing, not regulatory matter” turns into one as CRTC moves to close D&L loophole

OTTAWA-GATINEAU - TV distribution newcomer Manitoba Telecom Services had its complaint over Shaw Cablesystems distribution of certain channels denied today by the CRTC. But that doesn’t mean the rules aren’t about to change, again. In August 2004 MTS, which operates a DSL-delivered digital television product in Winnipeg, asked the Commission for an expedited mandatory order, under section 12(2) of the Broadcasting Act, saying Shaw was violating the distribution and linkage (D&L) rules. MTS complained that in and around Winnipeg, Shaw has been offering certain discretionary services (Family Channel and the U.S. superstations KTLA Los Angeles, WGN-TV Chicago, WPIX New York...

Our industry and COVID-19

We've gathered a number of links where Canadian cable, radio, television, telecom and wireless companies have posted their responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.