Your Brain On Cell Phones || Mayim Bialik

Hi everyone! Mayim Bialik here. You may know me as Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory, or from Blossom, but hopefully these videos allow you to get to know me better as Mayim, too! Subscribe to my channel for video updates. We publish new videos every thursday!

A recent study said that the average person uses their phone every five minutes..but I think I use mine about five times a minute! What happens to our brains when we use smart phones? Turns out: a lot. Check it out my neuroscientific phone-addicted take on it, and leave your thoughts in the comments!

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You ​might know me as Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory or from Blossom​ but there are so many other parts of me that you might not be aware of​!​​ I’m trained ​as a​ neuroscientist, ​I'm ​a passionate activist, an observant jew, a​ perfectly imperfect​ mother, and ​I'm a complicated human being​ like many of you​. This is the place where I wear ​all of those hats - and none of them have a flower on them! ;)