The Podcast: Mark Montefiore, New Metric Media (makers of Letterkenny)

JUST FIVE YEARS OLD, producer New Metric Media’s star is rising.

In this edition of the podcast, company president and executive producer Mark Montefiore tells’s Bill Roberts why he’s optimistic about Canadian content in a world of transnational digital giants, why working in Sudbury is great and how franchising rural Canada and its icons like craft beer, hockey and the mob, will work – and is working around the world.

While Letterkenny may be the best known title in his stable as the primary original production anchoring Bell Media’s Crave and which is also now available Stateside on Hulu, New Metric’s Canadian mob series Bad Blood (a tentpole production for Citytv in 2018), made its debut on Netflix just before Christmas – with the hopes it will be picked up for season two by the streaming giant.

In this podcast, Montefiore (right) also explains his shift five years ago from film to TV when he asked himself “why is 100% of my business in feature films when 100% of what I’m watching is television?” He also answers the question of whether or not this the golden age of TV or the glut age of TV, why Bell Media was the right fit for Wayne and his pals from Letterkenny, how merchandising has created a needed line of additional revenue, what might happen to Cancon when over-the-top is the mainstream video choice for most viewers and a host of other queries in this entertaining 53 minutes.