Podcast; Barbara Williams, EVP and COO, Corus Entertainment

ONE OF THE MOST powerful TV executives in Canada says she’s responsible for one thing – audiences – and earning them via Corus Entertainment’s TV, radio, digital and content properties.

Those audiences are faced with more entertainment choice than at any time in history – and they are more fickle than ever before. So what is the plan of attack for Barbara Williams (pictured), the company’s executive vice-president and chief operating officer?

It’s to make Corus into a modern, data-focused, globally competitive content company, one whose base is in Canada – but which hasn’t been helped by a federal government which she says has forgotten Canadian broadcasters are still a massive, vital portion of our creative economy.

How will Corus compete against Netflix, which is claiming more and more cable-style series? How important does simultaneous substitution remain when linear television is enduring substantial ratings declines? What’s the plan to lure young people to watching Corus’ popular content? How does the company want to re-make its relationships with independent producers?

The answers to these and many other questions can be found in our Bill Roberts’ exclusive, chat with Williams two weeks ago.