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COMMENTARY: Debate on Bill C-11 went nowhere – I think I know why

By Irene Berkowitz BILL C-11, THE ONLINE STREAMING ACT, is Canada’s second attempt at modernizing media legislation. As many of us remember, in June 2021, its nearly identical predecessor, Bill C-10, failed to pass before Parliament dissolved. Bill C-11’s progress through Parliament has been strategically plotted and the 2022 bill is likely to pass. However, since virtually every Canadian consumes media, every Canadian should know what’s been happening recently in Parliament. For policy wonks like me who watch Parlvu, the Canadian Parliament webcast, recent episodes have been unforgettable. Twenty hours, May 24-June 2, of expert witness testimony to the… Continue Reading

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For the record: Len St-Aubin offers correction to commentary from Howard Law

By Len St-Aubin IN HIS RESPONSE to my critique of his article on regulating user-generated content under Bill C-11, Howard Law included a link to an opinion piece I wrote a year ago for about Bill C-10, the predecessor to C-11. (Note: You can read Law’s original commentary here, St-Aubin’s response here, and Law’s response to St-Aubin’s response here.) While I appreciate that Law recommended my article to readers, I want to correct a statement he made. My article proposed an alternative approach to promoting CanCon online rather than intrusive, heavy handed and problematic regulation under the Broadcasting Act. Among other… Continue Reading