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COMMENTARY: Local TV news gets no love from Parliamentarians considering C-11

By Howard Law IF JOURNALISTS IN politics are the friends of news media, perhaps it needs new friends. At the Commons Heritage Committee, former CTV reporter and Conservative MP Kevin Waugh continues to thunder that major TV networks Bell CTV, Rogers City-TV and CBC should be excluded from the “FaceGoogle” Bill C-18. This Monday at the Senate committee studying the Online Streaming Act Bill C-11, former Edmonton Journal columnist Paula Simons and former CBC TV correspondent Julie Miville-Dechêne suggested Unifor’s recommendation for better cable and streamer funding of local news was unnecessary because TV companies are set to cash in under… Continue Reading

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COMMENTARY: Redefining Canadian content in Bill C-11’s brave new world

By Len St-Aubin RICHARD STURSBERG’S OP-ED in Monday Oct. 24’s Globe and Mail put forward the British system of defining domestic content as a model for redefining TV CanCon when the CRTC starts regulating global streaming services as broadcasters under Bill C-11. He makes a good point, but vastly understates how contentious this will be in C-11’s brave new world. Stursberg has previously recommended the British model. He’s right that adopting their approach would address two issues. First is the often unrecognizably ‘Canadian’ outcomes of current CanCon criteria. Second is foreign streamers’ reasonable expectation that they can own the rights… Continue Reading

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COMMENTARY: If we all knocked back a shot of truth serum and debated C-11

By Howard Law I KEEP THINKING I have written my last post on the Bill C-11 debate over regulation of user generated content and discoverability, but I am always wrong. The issue continues to consume almost all the Parliamentary oxygen available. The Conservatives have made it a big part of their branding and fundraising. Now there is speculation that the Poilievre leadership is thinking about a third filibuster, this time in the Senate which had previously agreed to return the bill to the House by Nov. 18. C-11 has given us our own Canadian culture wars, divisive on the basis of ideology,… Continue Reading