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COMMENTARY: Let’s Talk TV may be all sound and fury, signifying nothing
SOMETHING’S NOT RIGHT. Especially if I’m quoting Macbeth. Read more

LET'S TALK TV: Canadians demand to be at the heart of a new broadcasting system
GATINEAU - A group of Canadian television viewers and consumer-oriented organizations says that it’s time for the CRTC to change the way it regulates the broadcasting system; this time, by putting Canadians, and not a specific industry, front Read more

LET’S TALK TV: Rogers and Corus want to overhaul Terms of Trade with producers
GATINEAU - Rogers Communications and Corus Entertainment have told the CRTC that it must reconsider the usefulness of Terms of Trade (ToT) agreement between broadcasters and independent producers in creating independent Canadian programming. Read more

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LET’S TALK TV: Not all VI companies think alike: Bell, Rogers, Shaw, Quebecor show Commission similarities, stark differences (Corrected Version)
JUST BECAUSE BELL Canada, Quebecor Media, Rogers Communications and Shaw Communications are all broadcasters, specialty service operators, TV distributors, phone companies and broadband providers doesn’t mean they think alike. Read more

LET’S TALK TV: Does the industry fear what the set-top box data might say?
GATINEAU – Despite the fact cable and other TV carriers in many countries are compiling and using data gleaned from customer set top boxes to modify their programming and advertising, Canadian companies seem loathe to do the same or are Read more

LET’S TALK TV: What’s the value of individual services – and how can consumers complain?
GATINEAU - There is broad consensus among parties to the CRTC’s TV policy review that a mandated small basic package is not likely to come with a lower price tag. Read more

LET’S TALK TV: The CRTC must act to save local television
GATINEAU - Local TV is struggling mightily. Read more

LET’S TALK TV: “Irrational bidding” for sports rights drives up costs, limits consumer choice, says Telus and others
GATINEAU – It will surprise no one that the cost of sports television are front and centre for so many of the submissions to the CRTC’s TV Policy Review Read more

LET'S TALK TV: Different rules for different language markets
GATINEAU - Broadcast distributors and programmers are divided over rules governing television service provision in Quebec and official minority language communities across the country. Read more

LET’S TALK TV: Genres have long been monkeyed around with. Do they still need protection?
GATINEAU - Independent broadcasters are telling the CRTC that they will lose their spots on the broadcast dial if the Commission decides to eliminate genre protection rules and access rights for certain types of programming because the big Read more

CRTC LET’S TALK TV: Is basic bloated? Does it need a diet?
GATINEAU - The quest of both the CRTC and the federal government to ensure consumers have more choice in their TV packages is running into some difficult headwinds. Read more

LET’S TALK TV: Pick and pay in Canada strikes out with U.S. media heavyweights
TORONTO - Some of the big American media companies that participated in the Let’s Talk TV initiative pulled no punches when evaluating the perils of a possible mandated pick and pay subscriber model in Canada. Read more

LET'S TALK TV: U.S. border stations want to use Let's Talk TV to wrest cash from Canadian BDUs
TORONTO - Peter Finch, in the 1976 movie Network, may have summed it up best for the U.S. Read more

LET’S TALK TV: Should Yankee go home? The changing role of U.S. channels in the Canadian broadcasting system
GATINEAU - The place, and prominence, of American specialty networks in Canadian television programming packages may soon be changing as the CRTC grapples with the part that U.S. Read more

LET’S TALK TV: No “Netflix Tax”, company warns CRTC
GATINEAU – Among the 2,704 official filings to the CRTC for its Let’s Talk TV formal policy review coming in September is an 11-page warning from over-the-top video behemoth Netflix which said, essentially: Don’t slap any new regs on us, Read more

LET’S TALK TV Snap Judgements: Everyone wants more choice – tied to a lot of ifs, ands, buts...
GATINEAU – The press release headlines sound pretty good, but it’s in the conditions, the details, where all this talk of consumer choice and flexibility gets bogged down. Read more