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The must-attend event for next-generation TV advertising in Canada

At Future TV Advertising Forum Canada we are asking whether ad-supported television has a future in this country, given the competition from overseas content online and what appears to be a growing digital bias among video marketers. Is there a problem with Canadian TV, or is the problem with brands and agencies who are not giving television the credit it deserves? Is TV the victim of conceit, misunderstanding, inadequate ROI data or its own complacency?

Television is imperfect - but so is digital. In the U.S. and Europe there has been a discernible change in buyer sentiment during the last 12 months. "All that glitters is not gold," sums up the new mood concerning born-online digital media. GroupM North America has reported that lots of clients have been shifting budget out of digital and back into television. We will assess why, and whether a TV renaissance (in marketer perception or spend) is possible in Canada - and the conditions needed to foster it.

So join 250+ media thought leaders from Canada and the world to decide for yourself: Has the ad-supported television market got it all wrong, or are the buyers who are pulling money out of TV making a mistake?

2017 Speakers

Irwin Gotlieb, Global Chairman, GroupM

Shirley Mukerjea, Director of Marketing, PepsiCo Canada

Lawrence Hamilton, Marketing Director, Hyundai Canada

Alan Dark, SVP, Media Sales, Rogers

Stuart Garvie, President, Bell Media Sales

Chris Falkner, SVP, Advanced TV, NBCUniversal

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