July 20, 2009 7 years 7 months ago

TerreStar makes first call from satellite to terrestrial smart phone

TORONTO - Mobile communications provider TerreStar Networks has completed the first ever satellite call between integrated satellite-terrestrial smart phones.

The end-to-end phone call was made over TerreStar-1, the world's largest commercial communications satellite, on TerreStar’s quad-band GSM and tri-band WCDMA/HSPA smart phones with integrated satellite-terrestrial voice and data capabilities.

"This first call is another step toward TerreStar delivering a new standard in mobile broadband network services and devices that leverages our integrated satellite and terrestrial communications components to enable true ubiquity and reliability - anywhere in North America" said TerreStar Canada EVP Steve Nichols, in the announcement. "The network is operational and the TerreStar-1 satellite, the handset and the core network are all performing well."

As in-orbit testing of TerreStar-1 continues, the company said that it remains “on track” to provide integrated satellite and terrestrial communications components to help solve communications and business continuity challenges faced by government, emergency responders, enterprises and rural communities in the United States and Canada.