Simulcast Switching Operator – Clearcable

The Simulcast Switching Operator works on the delivery Simulcast Switching services including:

• Monitoring as well as switching for all sites including any manual intervention required adhering to CRTC guidelines for Simulcast Switching.
• Quality control; accuracy rate of a minimum 98 %.
• Compiling reports describing each occurrence problem. Daily contact with client Supervisor if required.
• Troubleshooting for any technical issues that occur.
• Investigating and immediate handling of any operational errors or concerns.
• Operating the Simulcast Switching equipment.

Responsibilities of Simulcast Switching Operators;

• Input programming schedules from Mediastats into the CPS client provided by the client.
• Where indicated by Mediastats (program log), operators will monitor programming in detail aware of the possibility of manual intervention.
• Operators will monitor and validate all Simulcast Switching events that require Canadian over American substitutions. Validation of those events includes; start and end times of the program, video/audio technical quality and accuracy of program and episode.
• During program interruptions, operators will default switches if American programming is interrupting. Any Canadian interruptions of a news event will be left alone with the substitutions untouched.
• Operators will contact the client NOC in the event of any technical problems with programming, channel disturbances or problems with Simulcast Switching via CPS application. NOC will advise as to what action should be taken and the Simulcast Switching operator should be able to correct any issue in 3-5 minutes or less.
• Maintain working knowledge of the Telestream Inspector application used to monitor Simulcast Switching.
• Maintain a high degree of accuracy and detail while completing multiple tasks at the same time. The Simulcast Operator must also post text-based content for the channel and perform live system switches.

This is part-time role with an expectation of 30 hours per week. Regular office hours are from 9 5 p.m. Monday – Friday. However, as a member of the Simulcast Switching team you will be required to work scheduled and ad-hoc shifts outside of these hours including on evenings, nights, and weekends.

The Simulcast Switching Operator is required to maintain a valid Ontario driver’s license.

The rate for this position is $19.00 per hour.