Senior IMS Core Network Engineer – Eastlink

About the Job

The Senior IMS Core Network Planner/Engineer is responsible for planning and engineering Eastlink wireless IMS/VoLTE core network. The successful candidate will design IMS core network architecture, dimension all interconnections between core elements, towards the rest of the relevant part of the wireless network, as well as ensure that all required functionalities are covered. This role will also be in charge of managing the life cycle of IMS network elements. Working on day-to-day problems and supporting our Customer Tier2 team. The candidate will also responsible for the QoS of core IMS network and routine reporting of IMS network KPIs.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead and/or participate in RFI/RFP process to find solutions to meet business needs of today and the future.
  • Prepare product/solution recommendations through proper Technology research.
  • Define IMS core network evolution and related strategies, IMS core architecture development and network roadmaps, in order to meet the business targets for reducing OPEX and CAPEX and being in line with latest technologies evolution.
  • Responsible for IMS Core detailed design, dimensioning and optimization including expansion projects, as well as preparing all Engineering design plans, method of procedures for all core engineering activities for IMS technology.
  • IMS Core Network support for related VAS, RAN, Roaming and BSS Network/solutions design, including link connectivity, capacity, core impact analysis, solution customization, etc.
  • Perform signaling and traffic routing plan to achieve the highest and optimized network availability.
  • Produce all related detailed design documents and method of procedure for mobile IMS Core projects. 
  • Perform periodic network audits and inconsistency cleanups to maintain the health of the network as it evolves.
  • Participate in the integration, commission and testing of IMS core network elements.
  • Perform troubleshooting to support the Operations and Customer Support teams. 

As the ideal candidate, you are comfortable balancing multiple projects and delivering on several deadlines simultaneously. Exceptionally organized, you can handle stress in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment.  You have the skill sets required to establish effective relationships with peers, management and other business relationships. Highly creative and solution focused, you are able to challenge the status quo and negotiate well.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a minimum of 5 years of experience with Wireless IMS, CS/PS Core network or technical degree/diploma with minimum 7 years of IMS, CS/PS Core network experience.
  • In depth understanding of wireless IMS Core network architecture and IMS network elements. 
  • Solid technical experience in all design aspects for Mobile IMS core network nodes and structure (CSCF, TAS, HSS, MRF, BGF, IP/MPLS, IMS signalling, etc.).
  • 3G and 4G Packet Switched Core planning competence and experience.
  • Ability to understand/troubleshoot call flow across end to end infrastructure, RAN, MPLS transport, and IMS/CS/PS core networks.
  • Understanding of cellular network traffic analysis and translations data for telephony routing.
  • Hands on Equipment experience, with proven participation of field integration activities.
  • Knowledge on Network Capacity planning, Statistics, KPI setup and reporting.
  • Working knowledge of Diameter and SIP Protocols.
  • Experience with Ericsson Core is a highly desirable, along with programming/scripting abilities and knowledge in Linux/Unix.

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