From – Marketing Communications Manager, Media Planner

Pink Triangle Press (PTP) is seeking candidates for two open positions in their marketing department:
Marketing Communications Manager, Media Planner

PTP is looking for a Marketing Communications Manager to build a favourable, positive image of their digital
products by using creative marketing and communications techniques. If you are the right person for this role you
are able to successfully take on responsibility for planning, developing, implementing, and measuring PTP’s
marketing, communications, and public relations activities (both external and internal), and deliver measurable,
high quality projects and campaigns on time. You will have proven skills and experience with the following:

• Writing professional web and marketing copy, with the ability to produce compelling and optimized copy,
while maintaining brand messaging, persuasiveness, and readability.
• Experience in creating and executing promotional activities to increase traffic, membership, and paid
membership, including viral marketing activities.
• The ability to interpret information, news, data, and research quickly, distilling the most relevant
information to inform unique, innovative new content.

PTP is also looking for a Media Planner to drive quality traffic to its websites. This position is responsible for
identifying the best mix of media channels to deliver advertising messages to PTP’s target audience in order to
produce maximum exposure, within budget. If you are the right person for this role you are able to achieve and
exceed monthly and annual targets in regards to overall traffic and traffic type, including but not limited to: site
visits, membership, revenue, bounce rate, CPA, ROI, and registration conversation rate. You will have proven
skills and experience with the following:

• Obtaining, analyzing, and successfully applying media and traffic generation trends, best practices and
strategies in the online and offline industries to drive quality traffic to PTP’s websites.
• Utilizing tools (including but not limited to: Google, Bing, Facebook, and tier II and III search engines and
traffic generators) to drive quality traffic.
• Expanding and optimizing SEO and SEM keyword lists.
• Proven strong analytical acumen and experience.
• Experience with web tools like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing ads, Traffic generator tools.

PTP is Canada's leading LGBT media organization. Founded in 1971, they are one of the most diversified media
enterprises in the world. They have a casual dress code, a friendly social atmosphere, and flexible hours where
the position permits. PTP publishes and the Xtra publications in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver.
You do not need to be a part of the LGBT community in order to work at PTP; allies are absolutely welcome to
apply. PTP is committed to Employment Equity, and to providing a fair and equitable workplace.

Compensation: F/T position with competitive salary, attractive benefits, and a company-matched pension plan.
Reply in confidence: If your experience reflects either of the above qualifications and skills, please forward a
covering email and CV in PDF format, by 5 PM (EST) Friday, February 8th, 2013, to 
quoting the job title in the subject header. Canada’s leader in recruitment and integrated career management for media and
entertainment professionals.

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