Editor/chief reporter – Cartt.ca

Cartt.ca is looking for a new editor/chief reporter. After 23-plus years of covering the CAble, Radio, Television and Telecom industries (yup, that’s what Cartt stands for), current editor-in-chief Greg O’Brien is looking to “step back”, as they say.

Here’s a peek at what the new editor will need:

  • A desire to DEEPLY cover telecom (wireless, wired, ISPs, big and independent carriers and so on), TV (broadcast, specialty services, streamers, all video, really) and radio (broadcast, streamers, podcasts, etc.) in Canada. This doesn’t necessarily mean only covering issues facing Canadian companies like Bell, Rogers, Corus, Telus, Quebecor, Shaw, CBC, Blue Ant, Stingray, CCAP and Quadro (you may need to look up those last two) because whatever Netflix or Spotify or Roku or Disney and so on decides to do, affects what happens here – and you’ll be on the cutting edge of covering it all.
  • A generous dollop of policy wonkishness will help as there are myriad laws, complex regulations and political winds which govern these businesses here.
  • Writing skills. You will do a lot of it.
  • Editing skills. Lots to do there, too.
  • Diplomacy and tactfulness. This is a B2B publication, after all. Your readers work in the industry. It’s their livelihood. For many, it’s their passion. It’s how they pay their rent or their mortgage, or their shareholders. How they feed their families. This is different than consumer media and something you must always remember.
  • Abundant curiosity. There are a million stories out there.

Please contact greg.obrien@cartt.ca for more information and to submit a resume and writing samples.