Correspondent for Teleformat (GECA), international observatory

Teleformat, the international observatory of formats and trends of GECA, the audiovisual consultancy of the Mediapro group, is looking for a correspondent in Canada. At Teleformat, we analyze television premieres, both series and entertainment shows, from different countries around the world. Our clients are broadcasters and production companies interested in getting ideas or buying formats. We have correspondents in different parts of the world who inform us about the premieres in their country, send us a file and the video of the premiere. Now we are looking for a correspondent in Canada to inform us about television in that country.

The work consists mainly in making files of the premieres that are going to be produced both in entertainment and fiction (the files are made a few days before the premieres of the shows and series) and recording these premieres of Canadian shows and series of the main channels (and some secondary pay channels or platforms if possible), with good quality and sending them via FTP or Google Drive as quickly as possible. For the writing of the files it is important to have a high level of Spanish and good writing skills in this language as well as a good understanding of English (and if possible French for French-speaking Canadian channels) in order to be able to explain the show or series. The files contain some technical information about the show or series, the name of the presenter (in the case of the shows), synopsis, audience data (if they are published in the Canadian press and are available) and international versions of the format or series, if any.

The interested person would have to do a test recording of a premiere or of a show or series that is already on air (for which you would have to have either a recorder with a hard disk or a USB card and a program that allows you to record on your computer) and a test of writing a file on that show or series (we would previously send you two examples of sample files so that you can get to know the style). This is a freelance collaboration and we pay 45 euros per file and video. It is a matter of keeping up to date with the premieres, recording and sending them and making the file with the synopsis, a brief summary so that people understand what the show or series is about. Please email or for full job profile.