Board members, Canadian Communications Foundation

Invitation to participate on the Board of the Canadian Communications Foundation

The Canadian Communications Foundation invites applications from persons interested in serving on its Board of Directors. Board membership is offered for terms of two years. We are seeking a variety of dynamic individuals in the broadcast industry, research, and education to assist the Foundation in exploring an extended mission and possible new direction for our work. To this end, we would welcome applications from individuals who can offer not only the benefit of their experience, but ideas about how best to situate the Foundation’s work in the future.

For the past quarter century, the Foundation’s website has established and maintained an up-to-date online resource for the study of Canadian broadcast history. Every radio and television station in Canada is represented, along with short essays on broadcast history and many interviews with key figures in the industry. The website has recently been completely re-designed. Much of the content on the website is now being translated into French and many of the essays are currently being updated and revised – this work is conducted by our Executive Director and by contractors under his supervision.

Up until now, the Foundation has largely been funded through CRTC Tangible Benefits packages.  Members of the Board have overseen, in a general way, the Board’s operations through participation in annual virtual meetings and occasional decisions taken jointly through email. The Board’s current funding packages will last for a further two to three years. We are currently exploring new funding opportunities and would be glad of any suggestions as to possible new sources.

At present, the Foundation finds itself at a crossroads. We have fulfilled our original mission of documenting the early history of Canadian broadcasting, but are well aware that the advent of digital technologies and the internet have radically changed the context of radio and television. This is a moment of transition that we feel must be documented.

As the only online encyclopedic resource for the study of the history of broadcasting in Canada, we are well-placed to embark on new directions while trying to capture the decisions that are being taken now about the mediascape of the future.

The importance of this moment in media history has led the current Board to undertake an investigation of how the CCF might address this fundamental change. This will involve some concentrated effort on the part of the Board over the next year or so while we explore whether and how to re-shape the Foundation to accommodate recent shifts in the broadcasting world.

The Board’s work will involve a Content Strategy process calculated to take place throughout 2018 and possibly into 2019. We expect that time requirements for Board members would involve attendance at virtual monthly meetings and willingness to participate in working sub-committees. If you would like to join us in this exciting venture, please send an email note to Dr. Evelyn Ellerman, President, Canadian Communications Foundation with some indication of your background, and what you feel you would bring to the Foundation’s work.

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