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Groupe Média TFO is a unique organization whose employees share a passion for educational and cultural content. Always encouraged to express their creativity, Groupe Média TFO’s employees work in a constantly changing environment, both in terms of technology and media consumption habits. At Groupe Média TFO, we make sure our collaborators have stimulating positions and an invigorating work environment. Would you like to put your talents to work with us and join us on this adventure? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place.



Full Time position



Main Duties:


The Director of Multiplatform Assets is in charge of delineating the acquisition and distribution strategy for all content so that Groupe Média TFO’s strategic objectives are met and its educational and cultural mission is accomplished. He or she will conceive, identify, execute and expertly manage the organization’s content identification, acquisition and operation processes, with a view to ensuring Groupe Média TFO’s longevity.

The incumbent must make sure to exercise highly stringent managing practices in regard to the organization’s financial resources and to keep a watchful eye out for new acquisition and distribution opportunities that arise from the industry’s changing panorama.

We are seeking someone who has perfect knowledge of the ever-evolving digital universe and who is able to swiftly adapt his or her strategies to new players and new alliances.

Our ideal candidate is able to identify changes in our target audience’s behaviours (platforms, technologies) and to adjust existing strategies in order to meet Groupe Média TFO’s goals.



  1. Reports to the Chief Web/TV Content Officer;
  2. Is part of the organization’s extended management team;
  3. Uses his or her expertise and works in close collaboration with Digital Content Services and Legal Services so as to meet Groupe Média TFO’s business objectives;
  4. Ensures professional relations with members of the production and broadcasting communities;
  5. Manages external independent producer relations.


Duties and responsibilities:

  • As a priority, the incumbent must identify content and orchestrate its acquisition;
  • Managing Groupe Média TFO’s multiplatform content catalogue (pre-buys, acquisitions, games and apps, internal production, youth and adults, including films);
  • Staying fully abreast of new additions to the catalogue, of releases, broadcasting platforms, rights and zones;
  • Optimizing inventories to reflect the needs, characteristics and achievements of each platform;
  • Ensuring the harmonization and pooling of content whenever possible;
  • Identifying the needs of different platforms, such as, Idéllo, YouTube, TV and other forthcoming platforms;
  • Identifying and acquiring innovative content (e.g. Wuxia, the Weirwood Manor);
  • Identifying suitable business and distribution opportunities to guide the choice of content for Groupe Média TFO’s catalogue and, consequently, our acquisitions / pre-buys / internal productions;
  • Selecting the rights to be renewed and the conditions for renewal (cost, platforms, zones);
  • Selecting and managing business relations with the contractors commissioned to conduct acquisitions;
  • Validating and submitting "mémos deals" to Groupe Média TFO’s Legal Services, in order to conclude negotiations and draft contracts;
  • Helping to set sales prices for the distribution of Groupe Média TFO content;
  • Managing CMF envelopes and other sources of funding (TV and converging media);
  • Managing Groupe Média TFO’s global budget for acquisitions and pre-buys (for all platforms);
  • Implementing an optimized workflow with producers in order to integrate their submitted proposals;
  • Implementing an optimized workflow for managing pre-buys across the entire chain (proposal, writing, production, verification, delivery);
  • Implementing pilot projects and forging new alliances;
  • Preparing reports concerning content available according to each platform, partner, and zone;
  • Collaborating with other services in order to meet their needs;
  • Managing personnel.



  • University degree in a relevant field  or content production;
  • A minimum eight years’ experience in the acquisition of content and pre-buys;
  • Excellent knowledge of youth content;
  • Excellent knowledge of the digital universe and its platforms;
  • Solid knowledge of the content acquisition network and of contacts and contractors therein;
  • Ability to unearth innovative content and to go off the beaten path;
  • Ability to devise new practices, to innovate, and to try out new economic models;
  • A keen business instinct;
  • Bilingualism (English, French)


Accommodation for applicants with disabilities will be provided upon request.

Groupe Média TFO is committed to reflecting the province’s diversity through its programming and its workforce, and encourages applications from people regardless of culture, language and ethnocultural community, sexual orientation, age, or disability. Groupe Média TFO believes in equal access to employment. Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

If you have skills making you a candidate of choice, please send your resume by email: by 11th March, 2016