March 28, 2019

Tomorrow is now. A workshop on 5G technology, operations and regulation

Delta Ottawa City Centre

The 2019 ITS 5G Mobility Workshop 

5G wireless service will constitute an integral part of the future gigabit communication network. It will enable a wide range of innovations that are critical for mature digital societies. Advanced wireless services based on 5G will be more complex technologically than previous services and will require substantial new investment. More importantly, they will constitute a new system of value generation. Unleashing this innovative potential will have far-reaching consequences. At the same time, because 5G will also require major investments by mobile operators, incentives for investment and innovation are important.

The objective of the workshop is to provide a comprehensive and international overview of 5G wireless service. Workshop speakers (academics, regulators, and operators) from Asia, Europe and the Americas will address the engineering, operational, and regulatory aspects of 5G investment and deployment. The workshop will be valuable to anyone who wants to know more about 5G and to understand the current status of 5G service in a global context.

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