October 30, 2018 11 months 2 weeks ago

Videotron’s new ‘Helix’ IPTV platform will debut next year

MONTREAL – Videotron has unveiled the name of its new IPTV platform based on Comcast’s Xfinity X1 platform, à la Rogers and Shaw.

Speaking at the Canadian Club of Montreal on Monday, outgoing Videotron president and CEO Manon Brouillette said that the platform will be called Helix and will hit the market in 2019.

Helix will deliver smarter and more powerful Wi-Fi, an enhanced TV experience thanks to IP technology and seamless integration of Web content platforms, as well as home automation services, she added.

"Helix is revolutionary. It is a fast-changing, adaptive ecosystem that is ready to compete with the international tech giants while staying true to our DNA and being relevant to the lives of increasingly connected households across Québec," Brouillette said.

She also pumped the company’s new new low-cost wireless flanker brand Fizz, describing it as a “community that provides a completely new, 100% digital experience focused on simplicity, independence and sharing.”

"With this offering, Videotron is entering new markets and interacting with consumers in a totally novel way," added Brouillette. "Even the decision to launch Fizz in beta reflects a new digital, participatory ethos that puts users at the centre of product development."

Photo borrowed from Videotron's Twitter account