January 25, 2018 12 months 22 hours ago

Supreme Court denies Bell's request for Super Bowl stay

OTTAWA – As reported earlier this week, Bell Media filed for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada the CRTC’s Super Bowl simultaneous substitution policy – and along with that filing earlier this month it requested the court stay, or suspend, the CRTC policy for this year’s game, scheduled for February 4th.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court dismissed the request for a stay, meaning the policy is staying in place. However, the court did grant Bell’s request to consider its leave to appeal on an expedited basis, meaning that if the court does decide to hear the appeal, it will come early in the court’s Fall 2018 session.

That means Bell has one last shot at having the policy overturned for the game, but it would have to come from the CRTC itself, which would have to issue a response, in the next eight days, to a Bell appeal to the Regulator filed in August 2017.

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