January 9, 2018 1 year 9 months ago

Lacavera heads up new blockchain company; IPO planned for summer

TORONTO and NEW YORK – Wind Mobile founder Anthony Lacavera has been named chairman and CEO of Globalive Technology Partners (GTP), a new company focused on developing software and hardware technology stacks to commercialize machine intelligence and blockchain technology.

As an operating and investment vehicle, GTP pledged to partner with select high-growth companies that recognize the strategic advantage of gaining a blockchain and machine intelligence lead to stay relevant in a technology-driven era.  GTP is raising $10 million in seed financing and plans to go public by the summer.

"Blockchain investment is currently being driven by the price of bitcoin, when it should be driven by its potential to create significant value with real world applications.  We need to think differently about blockchain and its ability to change how we discover, valuate and transfer anything," said Lacavera (pictured), in the news release.  "We are focused on being the first to commercialize blockchain technology across a variety of industries most susceptible to disintermediation – cutting out the middleman."

GTP struck its first commercial partnership with VIDL News (Vital Intelligence Data Live), a proprietary technology platform that vows to detect, collect and report news events and incidents in real time across the globe.  GTP will provide VIDL with the software required to apply blockchain to its news solution.

Relying on the integration of advanced artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, the nonpartisan news service says it will create a new paradigm to rely solely on fully automated analytics to track and verify accurate breaking news monitored from data feeds, social media and trusted journalism sources before distributing it via push notifications. VIDL, which plans to launch this summer, will also enable the creation of original content with select media partners.

VIDL CEO and co-founder Greg D'Alba said that blockchain technology will allow it to catalog events on a secure distributed network “where history cannot be altered or manipulated and preserved for all time”.

"Fake News and partisan reporting, coupled with inaccurate soundbytes, litter our daily press," D'Alba said.  "VIDL News will bring back breaking independent and accurate news and deep investigative reporting guided by the quest for truth and a fourth estate by the people and for the people."