July 19, 2018 1 year 3 months ago

Freedom Mobile serves up new low-cost data plans - topping Big Three's mandated skinny wireless

Plan savings require pre-authorized payments

CALGARY – With an eye on the upcoming back-to-school period, Shaw’s Freedom Mobile rolled out two cheaper entry-level data plans Thursday.

The first plan offers 1 GB of data and unlimited text to Canada and the U.S. for $25 per month, while the second provides 250 MB of data, 100 minutes of Canada-wide talk, and unlimited text to Canada and the U.S. for $15 per month.

As reported previously, Bell and Telus have offered 500MB for $30/month and Rogers 400MB for $25 in their proposed low-cost data only plans demanded by the CRTC earlier this year. 

Shaw’s wireless president Paul McAleese said Freedom's plans are aimed at “those who have been priced out of the market by the incumbents.”

“For customers who use their services modestly, the new entry-level plans announced today offer fair and affordable pricing and provide far more value than any of the low-cost, data-only plans recently proposed by the incumbents,” McAleese added.  “Our entry-level plans demonstrate that the federal government’s pro-competitive policies are working.”

However, Freedom customers must set up pre-authorized payments through its ‘Digital Discount’ to receive a $5 savings on their plan.

“Too many Canadians cannot afford wireless services because it is simply too expensive for their monthly budget — their exclusion is contributing to a growing digital divide”, continued McAleese.  “Canadians want access to more high-speed data at a fair price, they don’t want to be penalized for using too much, and they want to clearly understand what they’re paying for.”