October 2, 2018 1 year 2 months ago

FairPlay: CRTC says it doesn't have jurisdiction under the Telecom Act, and dismisses site blocking proposal

Better to leave it to various Acts review

GATINEAU – The CRTC announced this morning it has dismissed a proposed website-blocking regime which would address copyright piracy, dubbed FairPlay Canada by its backers.

The Commission ruled it does not have the jurisdiction under the Telecommunications Act and so it did not consider the merits of the proposal, saying in a release this is best considered under the Copyright Act, over which it has no jurisdiction.

The Copyright Act, is under review, on which Cartt.ca has been reporting on heavily.

The Regulator also suggested the Broadcasting and Telecom Legislative Review panel might be a more appropriate forum for such discussion and rule-making.

“Copyright piracy causes harm to the Canadian broadcasting system and the economy. The CRTC is of the view, however, that other avenues are more suitable to address this issue, which include the ongoing parliamentary review of the Copyright Act, as well as the expert panel review of the Telecommunications Act and the Broadcasting Act,” reads the CRTC statement.

As we’ve reported, most of the FairPlay backers, which includes the likes of Bell, Rogers, Corus, DHX Media, Cogeco, CMPA, CBC, eOne and various other creative groups and unions, have appeared on Parliament Hill asking MPs and Senators for more protection for their intellectual property – which means the issue FairPlay highlighted is far from settled.